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Dr. Grieger began her Dental practice with Dr. Morstad of New York Mills, MN in 1982 and then worked in Crookston, MN with Dr. Tjossem. She returned to New York Mills, MN in 1984, first beginning at the clinic and then building her own office in 1992. She has done continual improvements with the technology in the buiding throughout her time here.


Dr. Grieger and Dr. Hammers spend many, many hours on continuing education and keep their skills at the highest level that they can be. They keep up to date with the most current materials to help restore teeth and keep people healthy.


Dr. Grieger's  goal is to provide quality dental care in a very caring atmosphere for the entire family. She strives to have an office that treats her patients with respect, getting patients checked in and back to their appointments in a timely fashion. The staff in the office are friendly and enjoyable, but at the same time professionalism is of utmost importance and the staff does high quality work. It's a Chevrolet building with Cadillac Dentistry! 


Patients receive thorough explanations of the dental work they may need, given to them in the best way possible, and are always given an opportunity to make the final decision as to the work that they want done.  Dr. Grieger also has a great network of oral surgeons, orthodontists, and endodontists if a patient needs more extensive care than what is offered at her office.


It is a very busy office, so we highly recommend that you make your appointments as far in advance as possible.


Come to the BEST DENTAL OFFICE IN NEW YORK MILLS, MN and we will help you get your smile back!


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