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Dr. Rachel Grieger


Dr. Rachel Grieger has been a dentist in New York Mills, MN for 31 years. She spent her childhood visiting and working on the family farm she now owns south of town. Rachel went to grade school in Aurora, MN and high school in St. Paul, MN. She attended the University of Minnesota as an undergraduate to dentistry for 10 years. Her husband, Larry, is from New York Mills, MN and her three children, William, Roberta and Ben all graduated from New York Mills.

Being involved in the community is important. Dr. Grieger has been on the school board for years. She is also a member of the Lakes Country Service Cooperative Board, a delegate for the West Central District Dental Society, a Cub Master as well as many other groups. She attends many hours of continuing education a year.

She loves being a dentist and a member of this community.


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